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Why the Cloud requires a Different Data Center.

Cloud Management for Successful Businesses (and happy customers).

Integrated, Scalable, Reliable, Proven, What More Could You Ask For?

Whether you are just starting out in the cloud with web based email such as or you need a full fledged virtual server and desktops for your mobile workforce, Charlotte Networks can manage all of your cloud infrastructure with a single, integrated solution for extreme efficiency, speed, and control.

Cloud strategies typically involve numerous tasks including performance monitoring (latency, response times, uptime, etc.), security and compliance. Auditing and management, and initiating and overseeing disaster recovery and contingency plans.

With cloud computing growing more complex and a wide variety of private, hybrid, and public cloud-based systems and infrastructure already in use, a company’s collection of cloud management tools needs to be just as flexible and scalable as its cloud computing strategy.


Charlotte Networks can offer your small business an affordable path to the cloud by using Open Source software and passing the licensing savings on to our customers.

Never pay Microsoft for Software Again!


Offerings from partners:

service-cloud2Microsoft Office 365

With Microsoft Office 365, you can equip your business with virtually anywhere access to the latest Office applications plus cloud-based IT services like enterprise-grade email and conferencing that are simple to administer.




Dell Cloud Computing

Dell helps simplify your path to the cloud. Backed by a decade of experience building cloud environments, we match your business needs with the right secure, enterprise-class solution.



service-cloud4Rackspace Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are the smallest unit of compute power you can buy on our cloud infrastructure. Cloud Servers are virtual machines running Linux or Windows® operating systems. Unlike “instances”, Rackspace Cloud Servers are designed for your application’s availability.