Email Migration

Email T-6 sent on Monday 3/16/2020

Subject: Your email is moving!
Importance: High

Good morning all. We are pleased to announce we will be moving our email systems from GoDaddy, to Microsoft servers over the upcoming weeks. As part of this migration, you’re also going to get access to some exciting new tools.

We are scheduled to migrate in 2 weeks, on Friday, April 3rd. This date has been selected with your leadership team to limit its potential impact. If you are out on vacation during the migration, don’t worry! You can pick up when you return.

The IT teams are working diligently to make this as smooth as possible. But we need your help! Over the next few weeks, you will be getting regular updates from us. Each week will have a small task to get you ready for the migration, discussing a new feature you will get in the migration, or to prepare you for your first day in the new environment.

How will it look?

You shouldn’t notice anything different after migration except for better performance. There should be little-to-no interruption to your normal work except during the time it takes to actually move all of your emails to the new server. This is scheduled for the weekend so as to best avoid business interruption. If you do experience any issues, the help desk team will have extra people working on and after migration day.

What happens next?

Within the next few weeks:

-You’ll receive instructions to help clean up your files.

-You’ll receive instructions on how to set up your mobile device after the move.

-You’ll get some quick training on new features.

-You’ll get an email when your migration starts.

-When the migration begins, you will lose access temporarily, but all emails will be redirected to your new email system.

-When the migration is complete everything will be moved and will be in the same folder as they were in the source.

What can you do to help?

Watch for another email next week. It‘ll contain instructions for cleaning up your files. Beyond that, there is no need for direct action on your part. The process is fully automated. Your older files will be safely and securely moved into the new tenant!

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

P.S. I’ve included an overview of the new features you will have access to once on the new system. See below!


Frank Cecere


Office 365 Business Essentials is Microsoft’s suite of business productivity tools for small to midsize businesses with 300 or fewer employees.

Applications Included in Office 365 Business Essentials

1. Email Account

Your new email account can be accessed with the desktop version of Outlook as well as a sleek new web interface.

Each user is allocated 50 GB for his or her mailbox.

Attachments up to 150 MB can be sent with ease.

Unlimited archiving for historical access.

2. Office Online

The productivity suite includes online access to:

Word — feature-rich word processing app that makes it easy to share, edit collaboratively and comment

OneNote — robust “filing cabinet” with a logical, hierarchical structure that’s just about infinitely expandable. Create as many notebooks as you want and add as many tabs in a notebook as you need.

PowerPoint — “the world’s most ubiquitous presentation tool,” used to create an estimated 30 million presentations each day

Excel — powerful spreadsheet app with more than 400 functions; some slight differences between the desktop tool and online app

3. One Drive

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud service for Office that acts as a data management system. Office 365 Business Essentials allows 1 TB of personal cloud storage per user so you can access your data from anywhere.

4. Collaborative Tools

Skype for Business is part of the Business Essentials suite and allows for high-definition face-to-face conferencing and can include 250 participants, or a broadcast to 10,000.

SharePoint Team Sites is a single collaborative space for your team that comes with a 1 TB storage space plus an additional 500 MB of storage for each user. It’s where you can bring conversations from Outlook and calendar, SharePoint info and files, Planner tasks, and a OneNote notebook.

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based, real-time communication hub that allows you to host conferences (audio, video, and web) and chat with anyone inside or outside of your company.

Yammer is a social network tool that lets you connect to others in your organization, organize projects, and share info across teams in a secure environment.

Planner is a simple workflow tool that lets your team create new plans, organize and delegate tasks, share files, chat about a project, and get progress reports.

5. Microsoft Flow

Designed as a way to automate repetitive tasks, Microsoft Flow allows users — on their own — to automate routine tasks, like checking for email from a boss while working in another app. It connects to more than 100 data sources including DropBox, Office 365, and Facebook.

6. Sway

Sway is a digital storytelling app that makes it easy to create interactive web-based reports, presentations, newsletters, training and more from your mobile device. You can’t create content in the app; instead, you bring it in from other sources to tell your story.

Email T-5 sent on Tuesday 3/31/2020

Hi all.

Subject: Upcoming data migration – Clean up your files
Importance: High

You received an email last week explaining our upgrade to Office 365. If you missed it, you can view it here: [Link to Project Announcement – T-6 email]

Just like when moving your home, it can be helpful to pare down your possessions/data before the move. By getting rid of the stuff you no longer need, it will ease the migration.

Before you delete items, here are some quick things to consider during clean-up:

  • Make sure you don’t have duplicate files/folders. Delete the unneeded copy.
  • Delete any old files/folders that you no longer need.
  • Remove old calendar entries, especially those with large attachments.
  • Empty your recycle bin.

The less data we have, the less we have to move. However, please keep any files that you think need to be retained for any reason. Contact your manager or the help desk if you have any questions during this process.

Need help cleaning up? Follow our quick video guide here: [link to youtube video]

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Frank Cecere

EMAIL T-4 sent on Thursday 4/2/2020

  • Subject line: Upcoming data migration – New Features

Hi all.

This is the third email in our series. If you missed the other emails, they can be viewed here:

This week we want to get you ready for a new feature you will get in the migration, Online Email Archive.

Although your new main mailbox will have a limit 10 times what you’ve been limited to, heavy email users will be relieved to learn that Office 365 will give you unlimited storage area for your email. This is done through the Archive Folder. Unlike Personal Folders or the Email Archive system, this is fully integrated with Outlook. This includes accessing it while on mobile devices or Outlook Web Access. This allows you to search across all of your email data in one search. You’ll no longer need to search areas separately.

To learn more, check out this Microsoft training website: [link to website]

Reminder: If you have not had a chance to do your clean-up task from last week, please take the time to do this! This will speed the migration effort.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Frank Cecere

EMAIL T-3 sent on Tuesday 4/7/2020

Upcoming data migration – New Features

Hi all.

This is the fourth email in this migration series. If you missed the other emails, here they are:

This email we are going to talk about OneDrive for Business.

OneDrive is more than just a place to store your files. It’s a place for collaboration. OneDrive supports all sorts of helpful features, including:

  • Internal and external sharing
  • Dual editing
  • Versioning
  • Mobile editing

Here’s a video showing more about some of these features: [link to video]

These features will make collaborating much easier. Here are some examples of what you can do with OneDrive for Business:

Let’s say four people are giving a presentation together. Today the file might be emailed around or placed on a network share. People need to take turns editing it. Otherwise, someone has to merge changes into one file later. Instead, with OneDrive for Business, all four people can edit the same file at the same time. This really shines when everyone is on a conference call together reviewing it and making live edits together. It saves so much time!

But, let’s say someone made some bad edits. Perhaps they deleted a few slides they didn’t mean to. Instead of recreating them, or making a call to the help desk for a restore, you can simply go back a version or two and restore it. All without having to call IT!

The story gets better. Let’s say you’re going on a business trip and you want to review the slide deck while on the train. With the mobile application, you can view it live, right on your screen. The app even optimizes the experience for the size of your screen. (More on mobile applications next week!)

To learn more, check out this quick video that shows this solution: [link to video]

If you haven’t had a chance to do your clean-up task, please take the time to do this. This is the last week that this can be done.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Frank Cecere
Charlotte Networks

EMAIL T-2 sent on Thursday 4/9/2020

Upcoming data migration – New features

Hi all.

This is the sixth email in our series, but we are almost there! If you missed any of the other emails, they can be viewed here:

This week we’ll talk about Microsoft Teams.

When email came out in the late 90s, it quickly became our primary communication method in business. About 10 years later we saw chat/instant message enter the workforce with rapid adoption. Microsoft Teams aims to shift most of our internal collaboration in a combined collaboration tool.

Microsoft Teams has chat, shared file storage, digital meeting space/conference calls, and more. It is hard to describe the power behind this tool. We have linked to a quick video to help you see the power of teams:

You will be enabled for this application during the email migration.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Frank Cecere
Charlotte Networks

EMAIL T-1 sent on Friday 4/10/2020

Reminder – Your data is moving soon

Hi all.

Three days to go! Email cutover and migration set for Tuesday, April 14th.

This is the seventh email in our series. We hope you found them helpful. If you missed the other emails, they can be viewed here:

Our teams have been working in the background to get your account ready for migration.

We do need some help though. One of the most common help desk calls we are seeing in the migration is getting mobile devices reconfigured.

Please take a minute to either save this PDF or print it for your reference. When ready, please follow it carefully to get your mobile device back in action. If you still need help, please feel free to reach out to us.

On Tuesday at approximately 12 PM, your migration will execute. Over the weekend the process will complete. We ask that you give us until 6 AM Monday to complete this work. After this, you should be able to access your email easily.

If you have an emergency need to communicate, you will need to do this via Outlook Web Access. Log on to and select “Outlook” from the list of online apps.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Frank Cecere