Expert guidance, from planning to procurement.

We maintain relationships with your vendors and negotiate the best rates for you. We never make money off your purchases!

As a Dell and HP Partner, we’re experts on Dell and HP desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, and networking equipment.

We offer the latest in Dell and HP small-business computer equipment and systems tailored to your business’s needs. We never make a profit on hard ware and software purchased as part of our Managed Service Plans. In addition to great deals and discounts on IT business hardware, we can source and install all the business software packages you rely on most such as Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Project and many more.


Don’t spend money you don’t have on hardware and software you don’t need. Charlotte Networks will perform a thorough analysis of your hardware and software resources before making a purchasing decision so you can make sure you’re getting the best value for your business.

Once we order you’re new IT equipment, and help fast-track your purchase, of course we can always help setting it up and installing it for you.

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